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The English Sherry Hogshead



It is a long time since we released such a heavily sherried whisky as this.

The colour, aromas and taste are extraordinary and far removed from the whiskies normally produced by English Whisky Co. This single malt whisky not only has the rich creaminess one would expect from a sherry cask but it is also peated, with the smoke coming through a few seconds after tasting. This is the ultimate winter whisky & whilst I normally am a massive advocate of “sharing your whisky” in this case I am not so sure… you might want to keep it all for yourself.

46% ABV

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Creamy, rich and oily palate with a soft spicy smoky sweetness. Dry with oaky, wood overtones. The fruits come across with the cherries dominating. Aniseed and liquorice. Toffee and honey on the finish. Fantastic long, dry finish.

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