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The English - Rum Cask
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The English - Rum Cask

English Whisky

The English - Rum Cask

This Whisky has been finished in a rum cask taking on all the flavours held within. Formerly known as Chapter 7


700ml, 46%vol


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Jim Murray's Whisky Bible Liquid Gold Award

The English - Rum Cask Tasting Notes

Nose: Sweet, soft and slightly spicy. A mixture of vanilla and rum & raisin ice cream, fresh and citrusy with a hint of tropical fruits. Slightly nutty with a hint of marzipan.

Palate: Very soft again with citrus notes. Slight peppery spice with a hint of raisins. Malty with a hint of fresh wood. Salty and dry on the finish. Slightly nutty.

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