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Queen's Coronation Bottling
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Queen's Coronation Bottling

English Whisky

Limited edition of 1,850 bottles to mark the 60th anniversary in 2013 of Her Majesty The Queen’s Coronation.

To help celebrate this momentous occasion we have hand selected just 7 wonderful oak casks of Single Malt Whisky to create a unique whisky worthy of the event.

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Queen's Coronation Bottling Tasting Notes

Nose: Lovely aroma of toffee. Very buttery – think subtle hints of vanilla and buttered popcorn. Delicate scent of liquorice/aniseed as well as raisins and sultanas. Also shades of oak and fresh passion fruit. After opening up in the glass for a while a lovely aroma of fresh baked bread pudding becomes prominent.


Palate: Starts very soft, creamy and buttery with notes of vanilla, honey and toffee. Sweet, spicy and oaky. Nice oily texture on the palate with hints of orange, cinnamon and cloves. A fantastic taste of sticky toffee pudding develops after a while (I like sticky toffee pudding !!). Nice long malty finish which runs from sweet to spicy and then dry.

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