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Chapter 16 - Peated, Sherry Cask
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Chapter 16 - Peated, Sherry Cask

English Whisky

Our first release of a peated, sherry cask. This initial release has very light smoke but all the classic flavour and aroma you would expect from a sherry cask.

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Chapter 16 - Peated, Sherry Cask Tasting Notes


I have never been in one, but what I would imagine the reading room of an old fashioned gentlemen’s club to smell like. Old books, soft warm leather, coffee grounds, bitter chocolate, soft aroma’s of cigar smoke. Hints of mint and walnuts. Rich fruits, think ripe dates and sticky prunes.



Dry, the coffee grounds are there along with the chocolate. Very soft, rich and oily. Light smoke and again the sticky prunes and dates come through. Hints of toffee and ginger spice. There must be a joke here somewhere about having a bit of ginger spice in your mouth but I’ll leave that to others!

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