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  • 23/03/12 — ‘Extremely interesting, Well done!’
  • 08/06/12 — ‘Excellent 2nd visit’
  • 30/04/12 — ‘Better than anything in OZ’
  • 05/06/12 — ‘Excellent tour really informative and enjoyable. Changed how I will look at whisky in Tesco’s from now on!!’
  • 20/05/12 — ‘outstanding!!’

St Georges Distillery - Home to the English Whisky Co

Conference / events facilities

The conference room and the distillery grounds make a perfect venue for a number of different events, including corporate days with games on the lawn, lunch and tours with an afternoon conference, to black tie world whisky tastings in the bonded warehouse. We have had hunt drinks parties and vintage car rallies.

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